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Medical care in our office begins with a comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation by one of our physicians. We see adults with known or suspected heart and vascular conditions, both those referred by another physician, and patients seeking an evaluation on their own initiative. If you have not been referred by a physician, in most cases one of our staff members will call you before setting up your appointment, so that we can make sure the most suitable type of appointment and best qualified physician will see you.

In most cases you can plan to spend approximately 1-2 hours in our office for this appointment. Some of this time will be spent with the obligatory paperwork and getting you entered into our computer system. A chest x-ray and an EKG will usually be done. The cardiologist will take a comprehensive history and perform a physical examination. You and he will have a discussion about his impressions and conclusions. In some cases, there will be recommendations for additional testing directed by your initial examination. When your evaluation has been completed, our cardiologist will meet with you to discuss his conclusions and recommendations. You can expect to have your questions answered when your evaluation has been completed.

You are welcome to inquire about any of our fees. Our billing staff will be happy to meet with you and assist you in finding out what part of your costs will be borne by your insurance company and what will remain as your obligation. Contact us to learn more.

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